American Bowen Academy Modules 1 & 2 in Minneapolis this August

American Bowen Academy Modules 1 & 2 in Minneapolis this August

American Bowen Academy Modules 1 & 2

August 10-13th Minneapolis, MN
Faculty: American Bowen Academy Senior Instructor Nancy Pierson and Associate Instructor Michelle Patterson

32 contact hours of Continuing Education approved through
American Occupational Therapy Association (Provider #7074)
California Board of Registered Nursing (Provider #CEP15344)
Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine (Provider #PDP-BOW)
National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (Provider #393313-00)

About Bowenwork: Bowenwork is a gentle, non-invasive soft tissue modality in which the provider uses thumbs and fingertips in precise locations in a rolling motion over muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves to activate the innate healing response of the body to rebalance and restore. Bowenwork is known and practiced worldwide and is in high demand as a restorative therapy in many healthcare facilities due to its efficient and effective remediation of symptoms. Bowenwork addresses issues of structural imbalance and pain and also assists the body to shift subtle energy patterns affecting emotional regulation and vitality. Students learn by self paced progression through modular, hands on instructional classes leading to practitioner certification through the American Bowen Academy.

Every Bowenwork class includes:

  • Detailed explanation of anatomical landmarks and
    location of moves.
  • Explanation of client and practitioner positioning for comfort and safety.
  • Discussion of indications and contraindications, appropriate draping, pre-session intake questions and post-session self-care advice.
  • Manuals with detailed notes, photographs and anatomical diagrams.
  • Written assessments and group discussions.

Learning objectives:

  • Participants will learn the history and practical application of the Bowenwork move
  • Participants will learn clinical applications for Bowenwork procedures and professional development.
  • Participants will receive education on legal, professional and ethical standards.

For more information on Bowenwork and registration,
visit our website or contact: Michelle Patterson at [email protected]

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