The Holistic Healing Certificate Program will give you a strong experience and skills in integrative health, wellness, and prevention for self-care and care for clients. The program is five classes, self-paced with video recordings.

In this video, Emmy Vadnais, OTR/L interviews Christina Muth, OTD, OTR/L about her experience with taking the classes and completing the Holistic Healing Certificate Program. Christina shares how it has helped her health personally and enhanced her intuition and spirituality. She is grateful that she can assist her clients with greater wellness and prevention of disease.

The Holistic Healing Certificate Program is now available in a Recording.

Course Description:
The Holistic Healing Certificate Program courses are for health care professionals who want to learn holistic and integrative health care techniques for their own self-care, personal development, and for clinical practice. These courses will enhance skills in efficacy-based holistic and integrative health and bring a mind-body-spirit, prevention, and wellness approach in health care. Each class provides foundational integrative health approaches for the practitioner’s own self-care and for their health care, and each class builds on each other. Skills taught in this program include, meditation, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, guided imagery, intuitive development, energy healing, and how to integrate them into a health care practice in any setting across the lifespan for successful health care outcomes.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify five foundational Integrative Health techniques for self-care and for clients: children and adults
  • Demonstrate five holistic techniques to lower and manage stress, pain, anxiety, depression, and PTSD.
  • Identify five holistic and integrative health research that support prevention and wellness in health care.
  • Experience five meditations that can boost mood, self-esteem, compassion, assist with prevention, wellness, and expedite recovery.
  • Practice five meditation and relaxation techniques that can assist with countering negative thoughts, improve focus and attention, and assist with organizing thoughts to carry out activities of daily living – ADL’s.
  • Identify three ways that the relaxation response plays a role in healing, health, recovery, and prevention and how it can heal all the way to the genetic level.
  • Demonstrate three mindfulness and guided imagery techniques to transform limiting and negative beliefs to positive, peaceful, and joyful beliefs and emotions.
  • Identify five ways that the five-element theory and each energetic pathway/meridian affect each organ system and physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.
  • Demonstrate three ways to guide individuals to access their inner wisdom and intuition for insight and direction with their healing to lower stress, reduce pain, transform emotional and physical feelings, and create positive health outcomes that can assist with meaning, purpose, and decision-making and in all areas of life: personal insight & transformation, relationships, career, health, & spirituality.
  • Identify five strategies to implement holistic and integrative health care into your health care practice for successful outcomes for your clients, practice, or program.

66 CEUs:
A certificate of completion with CEUs from each separate course in the program will be sent to participants after successful completion of that course. Participants will receive a certificate of completion that may be submitted to their professional board for professional development credits. A completed course evaluation is required to receive a certificate of completion. These courses meet the NBCOT requirement as a Professional Development Activity.

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“Throughout the holistic certification, I was led by Emmy Vadnais, OT, to have a deeper understanding and awareness. This understanding assisted me to not only help myself, initially but help my clients to make personalized, informed decisions. Through an educational experience exploring multiple strategies, I was further instructed on how to not only use OT theory, modifications, and adaptations but more strategies that fit the need of my clients. Emmy not only highlighted ways to make each session a personalized experience but a positive one. I truly believe that is because she gave us the foundational concepts to determine how to first care for ourselves, and then for others. Emmy Vadnais has a beautiful presentation in each section with supporting research, treatment methods, and allows for the opportunity to practice and receive feedback. Even in an online format, I feel as if I am right there. All courses have led to personal and professional growth. Through this holistic certification, I feel more rooted and grounded not only as a clinician in OT but as a person who understands the importance of health and well-being’s direct effect on daily roles, habits, routines, and general life practices. Emmy Thank You for such a well-organized, thoughtful, detail-oriented course, so well designed I can’t wait to take courses in the future and apply each strategy in my clinical endeavors. Your passion for the care of others and instruction is evident in each course and the material. Thank you!” Anna Rinholen, OTR/L

Read more testimonials from health care practitioners who have taken the program.

1. The Power of the Mind in Healing: Foundations in Integrative Health

You will Learn:

  • Mind, Body, Spirit Medicine, Prevention and Wellness Research and how it is Increasingly Being Integrated in to Health Care Settings.
  • The Relaxation Response has been shown to positively affect gene expression, which when practiced regularly, may prevent disease and improve healing outcomes.
  • How Meditation and Relaxation Techniques can assist with countering negative thoughts, emotional regulation, improve attention, and assist with organizing thoughts to carry out activities of daily living.
  • How Intuition can Assist you in Areas of Your Life: Personal Insight & Transformation, Relationships, Career, Health, & Spirituality.

12 Hours, $299     Learn more…

2. Heal the Blueprint of the Soul with Energy Healing: Auras, Chakras, & Meridians

You will learn:

  • The Human Energy System of the Aura, Chakras, and Meridians (Energy Pathways).
  • How each Energetic Pathway affects each Organ System and your Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Well-Being.
  • How the 5 Element Theory can Balance and Align the Energy System for Stress Reduction, Lowering Physical and Emotional Pain.
  • Practice Assessing and Aligning the Chakras – Main Energy Centers for Prevention, Wellness, and Recovery
  • Discover How to stay Healthy with Each Season and Positively impact your Health and Well-Being.

12 Hours, $299     Learn more…

3. Guided Meditation: Imagery & Healing

You will learn:

  • The fundamentals of the Mind-Body-Spirit connection
  • The Power of Self-Healing
  • Foundational Guided Imagery Techniques
  • How to guide a client to access their own Inner Wisdom
  • How to assist a client to enter in to the ‘Relaxation Response’
  • How to assist a client to understand what may be behind a physical or mental illness and what may be needed to transform it.

12 Hours, $299     Learn more…

4. Interactive Mindfulness Meditation: Emotion & Healing

You will Learn:

  • How to assist Clients with their Emotions
  • How to assist a Client Dialogue with their Body; Physical and Emotional Pain
  • How to utilize Deep Mindfulness to transform Negative Emotions and Physical Pain
  • How the Higher Self, Intuition, Self Love, Self Acceptance are Powerful Healers
  • How to Release the Negative and Expand the Positive

18 Hours, $399    Learn more…

5. Putting it Into Practice Classes

  • You will receive practice guiding others in Meditation, Relaxation, Imagery, Emotional & Physical Healing, and Energy Healing.
  • Intakes, Assessments, Referrals, and Documentation will be integrated in to practice sessions.
  • A Reflection Paper and 10 sessions documented outside of class will be submitted to receive Certification.

12 Hours, $375 Learn more…

Program begins in the Fall.


“Emmy, and the material she presented, has opened and broadened my mind and facilitated some deep inner healing. I have grown more personally and professionally in the last two years than I did during my graduate studies. The hands on application and experience of this certificate program was a perfect fit for my learning style.” Jill Tessman, MSW, LICSW

Continuing Education – 66 CEUs for Full Program
$1,504 Holistic OT Members
$1,671 Non-Members
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Health Care Professionals will receive a Certificate of Completion that may be submitted to your professional board for professional development credits. A completed course evaluation is required within 30 days of taking the class to receive a Certificate of Completion. This course meets the NBCOT requirement as a Professional Development Activity PDU ID #14.

Distant Learning

Distant Learning will meet via the internet or teleconference. You must have a working computer, high speed internet, web cam, microphone, and speakers. Once you have registered you will be instructed on how to connect. It really is easy!

Class Policy

Payment is due in full one week before the start of class. Refunds will not be given after the first class. You must attend each class to receive a Certificate of Completion. If you miss one class you will need to make it up with Emmy based on an hourly rate. If you miss more than one class in a series you will need to retake the entire level. Full refunds will be given if the entire class is cancelled by the instructor. Complaints can be handled with Emmy Vadnais, OTR/L.

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