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Photo of Molly Allison
Occupational Therapist, Certified Hand Therapist, Structural Medicine Specialist, Professional Bowenwork Practitioner
Work Holistic Orthopedics & Wellness Occupational Therapy 911 North 145th Street Seattle WA 98133 Work Phone: (206) 604-4707Website: www.Holistic-Orthopedics.com

Biographical Info

Molly Allison has been practicing Occupational Therapy in Seattle for 24 years. About her practice, she writes, “I have always had a natural affinity for health, musculoskeletal anatomy, and wellness through a holistic approach. Drawing from both worlds of conventional western medicine and alternative approaches, I integrate them both into treatment.”

She is a member of the Arthritis Foundation Advisory Board and is eager to bring awareness of the many forms of arthritis to her patients and colleagues in Seattle and to the state and national level. She prides herself in guiding patients through their injury process and helping them to understand how their recovery may be impacted by nutrition, exercise, stress, awareness of one’s breath and overall life satisfaction. She graduated from University of Washington’s Occupational Therapy program in 1991 and returned to UW in 1999 to complete an advanced Master’s of OT with an emphasis in Upper Extremity Cumulative Trauma in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury. She went on to complete a 4 year Structural Medicine training through the Institute of Structural Medicine. This has positively impacted how she views the human structure and anatomy. She has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to live and work in Nepal and Japan, and is intrigued by diversity of all sorts, be it cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic, etc.. Much of her professional career has been at Harborview Medical Center, Seattle’s Level I Trauma Hospital, where a unique diversity thrives. She currently lectures to clinical staff at University of Washington. She is passionate about educating our community (health care providers as well as patients) about health and well being. She enjoys organic gardening, mountaineering, pottery, holistic nutrition, exploring the Pacific Northwest’s alpine wilderness and spending time with her husband and sons.

Here are her credentials:

  • MSOTR/L: Advanced Master’s of Occupational Therapy
  • CHT: Certified Hand Therapist
  • SMS: Structural Medicine Specialist
  • PBP: Professional Bowenwork Practitioner
Photo of Hannah Andrijich
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Becky Austill-Clausen
Occupational Therapist


Home Austin TX 78751 USACell Phone: 505-400-3099Website: QualOT

Biographical Info

  • Amelia Ball, OTR is a holistic OT and creator of a mind/body/spirit wellness and preventive care based blog, QualOT.com. Amelia has been living and working at a SNF in Austin, TX after graduating from OT school at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in December, 2015. She has clinical experience working with individuals in skilled nursing facilities, inpatient rehab centers, inpatient psychiatric care, as well as shorter fieldworks in acute care, foster care, and children’s handwriting camp. Amelia became involved in the holistic OT community after experiencing the power of mind/body/spirit concepts not only in working with individual’s in mental health facilities, but with individual’s having to shift roles/routines/habits after being hospitalized for physical reasons. Amelia is passionate about preventive care and a need for a paradigm shift in the Western world focused on treating the whole person and underlying causes of an illness, injury, disease, disorder, condition, impairment, disability, activity limitation, or participation restriction rather than the current medical-model which is insurance and medication driven.
  • Amelia is inspired/ignited through continuous education and learning of health, wellness, and self-improvement concepts through books, Podcasts, workshops, conferences, CEU courses, and human connections. She received her bachelor of science in kinesiology/exercise science in 2012 and worked as a personal trainer before attending OT school. Amelia continues to believe that human movement is a large component to wellness and personally enjoys HIIT training, weight lifting, yoga, swimming, biking, boxing, rock climbing, hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and any activity that brings her outside close to nature. Amelia also has a strong belief that food is medicine and eats mostly whole, real foods with little added ingredients. Amelia has a strong sense of spirituality and a belief that every moment, experience, and relationship in this life has meaning. Amelia practices meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques to bring her closer to inner peace and connection with the present moment. Amelia loves traveling and strives to live a simple, minimalist lifestyle with less materialism and quality>quantity in every area.
  • As a new occupational therapist, Amelia is excited to work with other practitioners and bring the field closer to it’s roots as a “holistic” profession geared more toward a coaching model in which engagement in occupations are client-centered and largely include self-care, play, stress management techniques, sleep, rest, and other preventative care methods as an important aspect to overall health.
Photo of Gretchen Bard-Loy
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Elizabeth Mary Bentz
Occupational Therapist
Home 333 WHEATLAND AVE Berks Shillington PA 19607-1370 United StatesHome Phone: 610-781-4254
Photo of Kristin Biggins
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Amanda Block
Occupational Therapist
Work Lakeside Occupational Therapy P.O. Box 105 Gordon WI 54838 Home Phone: (715) 699-4599

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Amanda Block is an occupational therapist with a passion for helping people live well and stay well.  She has 18 years of experience in pediatric, behavioral health and rehabilitation settings. She is also trained in Therapeutic Listening, Brain Gym, Reflex Integration, Pilates and Craniosacral Therapy.  Serving children and adults, Amanda utilizes an integrated approach to meet the needs of each client.  Her intention is to help clients maximize their participation in purposeful and meaningful daily living activities.

Photo of Kerri Brady
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Erika Briggs
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Liza Brown-Dicostantino
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Kayla Bryant
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Danielle Burr
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Danielle Danielle A Burr
Occupational TherapistUniversity of Kansas Health System


Photo of Erin Carder-McCoy
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Christa Carey
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Kelly Ann Clancy
Occupational Therapist, Certified Hand Therapist, Liscened Massage Practitioner, Board Certified Structural Integrator, Senior Bowenwork Instructor, Holistic Health Counselor
Work The Northwest School of Structural Therapy, Seattle, WA and Cambridge, England Cambridge, England and Seattle Work Phone: (206) 698-3187Website: www.kellyclancy.com

Biographical Info

As an OT practitioner of over 30 years, Kelly uses her skills as a manual therapist and ergonomist to address the postural components that can contribute to pain and dysfunction. Along with treating the structural issues that may be present, Kelly also assesses ergonomics, stress and nutritional factors and their impact on the body’s regulatory systems.  Her interest lies in what is at the core of the physical limitations her clients are experiencing as she combines hands on treatments, movement retraining, and dialoguing around cognitive belief patterns, emotions, and thoughts which may be limiting full health and well being.

Kelly is a graduate of Colorado State University’s school of Occupational Therapy and has sub-specialty training in the upper extremity and is a board certified hand therapist.  Kelly completed her Bowenwork training through the American Bowen Academy, and is currently a Senior Instructor. She is a graduate of the Institute of Structural Medicine and is a board certified Structural Integrator and Massage Therapist. She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is a Holistic Health Counselor. She is on clinical faculty with the University of Washington’s rehabilitation department.

She founded the Seattle Center for Structural Medicine, which houses multi-disciplinary holistic practitioners who practice whole bodymind strategies to rehabilitate their clients back to optimal health. She is also the founder and owner of the Northwest School of Structural Therapy where she teaches Bowen therapy and the Tensegrity Medicine™ methodology both in live courses and in an on-line format. She teaches nationally and internationally lecturing on topics related to biotensegrity, fascia, therapeutic assessment and treatment strategies with a special emphasis on concepts related to bodymind integration.


Photo of Kristen Renee Clore
Occupational Therapist, Nutrition Response PractitionerThe Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor
Work 462 Jackson Plaza Washtenaw Ann Arbor MI 48103 United StatesWork Phone: 7343027575Website: The Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor

Biographical Info

Kristen Clore, MOT, OTR/L, Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner,  is an EMU Alumni, and a current staff therapist at University of Michigan: Michigan Medicine on the Acute Care team and Practitioner at The Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor.

With over 20 years at U of M, and 11 years on her current OT team, Kristen’s highlights of her career include rotating among General Medicine units, Intensive Care Units, Emergency Room & Observation units, Lymphedema care, Neurology, Inpatient Psychiatry, Oncology, Orthopedic, Cardiac, and Pulmonary care units.  Kristen spent time as a Clinical Specialist of General Medicine and General Surgery on her acute care team, developing training and programming for medical and surgical care. From 2013 through current, Kristen has implemented a Cognition Program, teaches outpatient bariatric support groups, and teaches an occupational therapy class for new medical students at the University of Michigan.  In 2016, Kristen completed a 6 year research study related to sleep which was published the American Journal of Medicine. Kristen is also a Certified Wellness Coach, and uses Myofascial Release, Kinesotape, Therapeutic Tai Chi and Yoga, and Mindfulness techniques as an integrative approach to self care.

Kristen is driven to help others because of her own battle with health and independence as a child and young adult.  Her greatest value could be best described as “carpe diem” : seize the day, and her desire to help others to do the same.   Her passion is to demonstrate and share how to improve quality of life through engagement in self care and purposeful activity that is sustainable.

Outside of work at the University, Kristen is a wife and best friend to Joshua Clore, a mother to her four-legged fur-baby, Bobo (a shih-tzu).

Kristen has expanded her care to an independent oupatient setting as a holistic practitioner at the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor, assisting her clients achieve their goals for optimal self care & goal attainment using alternative, integrative, nutritional & natural health care options as the main approach.

Photo of Melissa Colon
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Andrea Cordis
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Linda Crawford
Occupational Therapist


Photo of Hima Dalal
Occupational Therapist, Owner of Vital Energy, Fibromyalgia Specialist, Reiki GrandmasterVital Energy Wellness and Rehab Center
Work Vital Energy Wellness & Rehab Center 163 Charter Oak Road Lexington SC 29072 United StatesHome Vital Energy Wellness & Rehab Center 3800 Forest Drive Columbia SC 29204 United StatesWork Phone: 803-359-1551Website: Vital Energy Wellness & Rehab Center

Biographical Info

Hima , the founder and head therapist of Vital Energy Wellness and Rehab Center, is a pioneer in the therapy field as she is one of the first to combine complementary therapy with traditional PT/OT modalities. She is a board certified, licensed occupational therapist, energy medicine practitioner, and fibromyalgia specialist with over 30 years of experience. She specializes in difficult adult and pediatric cases where the patient is experiencing chronic or acute pain and has tried traditional PT/OT but with little to no results. She has presented numerous lectures and made several media appearances as well as authored many national and international publications on subjects of health, fitness sports, and healing.

She was recently appointed to the Labor & Licensing Board for Occupational Therapy for the state of South Carolina by Gov. Nikki Haley, and she is the previous chair for the Wellness Special Interest section of the South Carolina Occupational Therapy Association (SCOTA) as well as the Medicaid liaison between Medicaid OT providers and the State of South Carolina. She has traveled to receive extensive training in Shivyog Meditation and Crystal Healing. She has earned a coveted spot on the front page of Lexington Woman as well as been featured in OT News and Advanced Healthcare Network for Occupational Therapists.

In January 2014, she was the organizer and presenter of the International Conference on Sensory Processing Disorders & Therapy Intervention. She has spoken at the SCOTA Annual Conference on meditation and awareness of breath in rehabilitation. In 2011, she was invited to the White House as part of the Hindu American Seva Communities Annual Conference which promotes creating a change in the community through service. Through her continued involvement with her local community and the OT community, she has received city and state recognition from past Mayor Randy Halfacre and Senator Joe Wilson. In November 2014, she was chosen to present her innovative technique, Crystal Myofascial Release, at the World Conference on Groin Injuries hosted by Aspetar Sports in Qatar.

Her passion for helping and healing others has touched numerous patients in the Midlands area of South Carolina where her and her family resides. At Vital Energy Wellness and Rehab Center, she offers complementary treatments including Myofascial Release Therapy, Crystal Myofascial Release Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki Healing, Sanjeevani Healing, Shivyog Meditation, Yoga, Ayurvedic nutritional counseling, counseling for weight loss, and counseling for personal fitness. She also offers a weekly free meditation session and fibromyalgia support group where all are welcome. Her combination of therapeutic methods offers a wider range of healing interventions and promotes the body’s natural healing process to achieve the highest level of self-care and wellness.

Photo of Elizabeth DeFinnis
Occupational Therapist
Cell Phone: 614-668-8528
Photo of Karen Dwire OTR/L
Occupational Therapist, Certified Holistic Health Coach
Work A Good Day, LLC Kailua Kona HI Work Phone: (970) 314-0351Website: www.agoodday.org

Biographical Info

Karen Dwire, OTR/L, CHHC received her bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Colorado State University in 2002. Karen is also a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is certified as a holistic health coach. As a holistically based OT and health counselor, Karen now combines her knowledge of holistic nutrition with her skills as an Occupational Therapist to promote optimal functioning and wellness in her clients’ life. Karen currently resides in Kailua Kona, HI but travels extensively sharing her message of health and wellness to anyone who will listen! She provides services on and individual, group, or organizational level and these services can be done in person or from anywhere via technology and the internet.


Photo of Dan Eisner OTR/L
Psychiatric OT & Certified CoachKey Insight CoachingUnlock Your Inner Peace and Potential
Work Phone: 443-393-1747Website: keyinsightcoaching.com
Photo of Lisa England
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Photo of LaTess Eschavarria
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Regan Espinosa
Occupational Therapist


Photo of Heather Falanga
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Kathy Friedle
Occupational Therapist


Photo of Mr Michael Gagliano OT/L,Reiki Master
President / OwnerGagliano Wellness & Rehab P.A.
Work 3018 Bannock Lane Greensboro NC 27410 Work Phone: 336-508-6801

Biographical Info

Michael Gagliano is an Occupational Therapist & Reiki Master who brings over 36 years of clinical experience in the healing arts in NY, CT & NC. He has worked in various hospital settings, long-term care facilities, homecare agencies & out-patient rehab settings. He currently teaches in the massage therapy programs at 2 local community colleges. Michael is the owner / president of  Gagliano Wellness & Rehab P.A. a wholistic wellness practice  in Greensboro, North Carolina

Photo of Andrea L Garcia
Center Manager, Occupational TherapistKessler Rehabilitation Center
Work 4179 Route 9 North Monmouth Howell NJ 07731 United StatesWork Phone: 732-905-9100
Photo of Cathy George
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Debra George OTR
Occupational Therapist, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, Infant Massage Instructor
Work Golden Light Wellness Center Write-Well Handwriting Clinics and OT Services 360 Lincoln Street Oxford PA 19363 Work Phone: (610) 932-9511Website: www.write-wellhandwritingclinics.com

Biographical Info

Debra George has worked as a Registered Occupational Therapist for over 30 years and has worked as a school based therapist. She is currently self employed as an Occupational Therapist and an Assistive Technology Specialist school districts. Debra also is the co-owner of the Golden Light Wellness Center in Oxford, PA where she practices as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Certified Infant Massage Instructor. The Golden Light Wellness Center has just celebrated 15 years of business. Debra is also the founder of Write-Well Handwriting Clinics and OT Services which are held at the Golden Light Wellness Center. Her practice involves a holistic approach to working with children including aromatherapy, massage therapy, reiki and stress relief for children.

Photo of Kristine L. Giles OTR/L, RYT
Occupational Therapist, Yoga TherapistKG Occupational Therapy LLCOccupational Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Health and Wellness
Home Phoenix AZ 85048 USA

Biographical Info

Kristine L. Giles, OTR/L, RYT received her BS-OT degree from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in 1996 and completed a 300-hour yoga therapy certification program in 2017. She has worked in a variety of settings with numerous diagnoses over the past 20+ years, specializing in school-based and home-based pediatrics. Kristi has experience with public speaking at conferences for school educators, inservices for school staff, and teaching at an OTA program. She values continuing education opportunities and has attended trainings such as Bal-A-Vis-X, The Zones of Regulation, and Handwriting Without Tears/Print Tool. Customized yoga therapy sessions for children/adults/seniors include:  chair yoga, relaxation response, yin yoga, meditation/body scan, yoga nidra, and breathing techniques.

Certification and license:  National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT), State of Arizona Board of Occupational Therapy Examiners, Yoga Alliance

Photo of Olivia Glover
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Rachel Gottesman
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Lisa Grondahl
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Denise Grossman
Occupational Therapist


Photo of Barbara Hall
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Home Kalispell MT Website: http://www.peacefulhealth.org/

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Barbara has worked in health care as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant since 1996 and has been practicing Energy Work since 2003. In addition to working as an Energy Practitioner and a COTA, she studies and practices energy techniques to improve and balance the health and well-being of body, mind, and spirit.  As a Reiki Master Teacher, an Advanced Attunement Practitioner, and level II CranioSacral Therapist, she teaches Reiki and Attunement classes and sees private clients in her Kalispell office. Barbara enjoys hiking, gardening, swimming, skiing, sailing, and marveling  the wonders of nature.

Photo of Lori Hansen
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Lisa R Haverly
Occupational Therapist
Home Hudson WI 54016 Website: www.rainbowtreetherapies.wordpress.com

Biographical Info

Lisa has worked as an Occupational Therapist in the school setting since 1998.  She has a Master’s Degree in OT from the College of St. Catherine, St. Paul, MN and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD.  Lisa’s passion is working with children and supporting them in their development.  Lisa was inspired to be an OT when she watched a cousin benefit from therapy.  Lisa has experience working with a wide range of disabilities with a specific interest in supporting children who have self regulation concerns related to sensory processing and mental health.  Lisa has extensive knowledge in motor development and how to best support those underlying motor skills that are required for more complex skill development such as handwriting.   Lisa worked for CESA #11 in Wisconsin for several years working in various school districts.  Currently, Lisa works in the Somerset School District in Somerset, WI.  Lisa has training in Kids Yoga/Yoga Calm Wellness I, Kawar Protocol, Therapeutic Listening, Reflex Integration, Mindfulness, Meditation, Progressive Muscle Relaxation along with an interest in looking at alternative ways to support kids such as diet changes and creating a healthy space in which to live and play. Lisa’s passion for kids has evolved into exploring new and creative ways to support kids at a holistic level.  Nature is the perfect stress-free environment where kids can be encouraged to not only discover the wonder of nature but develop lifelong skills.  Lisa is grateful for the children she continues to learn from.  She is honored to support them in their development and recognize them as a gift to the world.

Photo of Patty Heatherly
Occupational Therapist, Life Coach
Work Journey2Wellness Naperville IL Home Phone: (630) 841-2063

Biographical Info

Patty is a Registered and Licensed Occupational Therapist, earning her BS in Occupational Therapy from Western Michigan University, she has worked at an Advocate Hospital for 27 years in Behavioral Health with patients dealing with emotional and mental health issues. Patty also is a Certified Life Coach by iPEC the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching since 2012. I specialize in the mind-body approach using Holistic OT and Wellness life coaching to get to the root of your emotional and physical pain by removing any blocks that are keeping you stuck from moving forward in your life.

Photo of Aubri Hendrick OTR/L
Occupational Therapist, Coach, Yoga Teacher
Work Heart Shine AustraliaCell Phone: Skype: OTaubriWork Phone: USA: (323) 426-5958Website: www.heartshine.com.au

Biographical Info

Originally trained in the United States, Aubri has been educated in many cutting-edge strategies in Occupational Therapy and mind body intervention for children and adults. She now works in Australia and the USA. She is qualified Internationally and has extensive knowledge and experience using effective holistic and evidence based therapies. Aubri has a passion for teaching workshop & retreats, offering professional development and coaching. She also loves helping clients find the hidden factors in their psychology and body that allow them to participate fully in life. She is available in person, and via Skype or phone.

Photo of Ana Hernando OTR, MOT, MBA
Holistic Solutions
Home Hickory Creek Texas Work Phone: 214-762-6989

Biographical Info

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 3.05.27 PM

Called to be a healer at a very young age, Ana discovered  occupational therapy while working for a physical therapist and thinking to herself there has got to be more than just exercises.  At that time, OTs studied values, beliefs and culture roles in healing. OT’s were taught to use therapeutic use of self along with guiding purposeful activity to empower clients and patients to discover their healing within. Over the course of the years and the change in healthcare, Ana made the decision to fully embrace her intuitive gifts and incorporate them with her formal training. She sought out more intuitive and alternative trainings, broadening her perspective, skills and abilities.   

Ana helps her clients learn to communicate with their bodies.  She shows them how to change their limiting mindset.  She shares nutritional information so they become conscious consumers.  Ana empowers her clients to reclaim their health and lives from the inside out. 

Ana has been a continuing education instructor for over 10 years, sharing with her colleagues evidence based holistic techniques. She has presented for the Texas Conference on Autism and, twice, presented at the Rehab Summit in Las Vegas. Ana is also a highly sought after guest speaker for community and corporate events where she shares Self Talk for Success.  Her audiences include Lions Club International. Mother’s of Multiples, Mother’s of Preschoolers, Women of Visionary Influence, and America Airlines Professional Women Association.  

Ana provides Zoom webinars, in house seminars, direct treatment sessions and distant treatment sessions. She is not in network with any insurance companies. 

Ana’s credentials include a Bachelors of Science Kinesiology from University of North Texas 1994, Masters of Occupational Therapy from Texas Womans University 1997, Masters of Business Administration from our Lady of the Lake University 2002.  Certified Sensory Specialist from The Sensory Institute, Reiki Level III certified, BARS Access Consciousness Certified practitioner, PSYCH-K Certified practitioner, Certified Life Coach from Dr. Shad Helmstetter and the Life Coach Institute, Certified Self Talk Trainer and Speaker for Dr. Shad Helmstetter and the Self Talk Institute, Certified Personal Trainer from Cooper’s Clinic. 

Photo of Sharon Hicks
Occupational Therapist
Work Philadelphia PA Cell Phone: (610) 299-6210Website: www.sharonhickstherapy.com

Biographical Info

Sharon Hicks uses a holistic healing approach, yoga, Zero Balancing® and vision training within her work as an occupational therapist. She particularly enjoys helping people manage stress, pain, anxiety and the effects of trauma while promoting their independence and supporting their life purpose. Sharon develops and teaches yoga classes for people with special needs including those with movement disorders, women survivors of breast cancer, and young adults with sensory differences and anxiety. She has served on Parkinson and pediatric committees. Sharon is a rehab affiliate and research fellow at the Main Line Health System outside Philadelphia and also sees private clients.

Photo of Angela Hissong
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Allison Huffman
Occupational Therapist


Photo of Patti Iwer
Occupational Therapist


Photo of Andrea Kivolowitz
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Cara Koscinski
Occupational TherapistThe Pocket OT
Home Charleston SC Website: The Pocket Occupational Therapist

Biographical Info

Cara Koscinski has her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy and has been a therapist since 1997. She is a homeschooling mother to her own children with special needs.

After both of Cara’s children were born with autism, Cara sought out services to benefit the boys.  She could not find a therapy center that provided both quality therapy for autism and Sensory Processing Disorder AND that provided direct education to parents for carryover of treatment.  So, she decided to create her own!  She was the Co-Founder of Aspire Pediatric Therapy, LLC which quickly grew to provide therapy at schools, in homes, and in centers located around the Pittsburgh area.

In the meantime, Cara developed CDs for children with fear of loud noises (auditory sensitivity) since her children had difficulty tolerating noises such as thunder, fireworks, and sirens/fire drills.  Cara and her sister, a music therapist, purchased high quality recordings and wrote lyrics and rhythms.  The CDs are a fun way to be able to hear and “control” the volume of sounds!  Cara began selling them locally and then in several national catalogues for special needs.  The CDs that Cara created, Sound-Eaze and School-Eaze can be found on Amazon, Abilitations, The Therapy Shoppe, and Achievement products.  She sells the CDs under the company name, Route2Greatness since her older son enjoys drawing routes, maps, and is on his way to doing great things!

Cara provides occupational therapy services, advocacy, and consultations as The Pocket Occupational Therapist. Cara enjoys speaking to therapists, teachers, and special needs organizations across the US.  She is a speaker for continuing education trainings for Future Horizons, OccupationalTherapy.com and Home CEU Connection. She specializes in autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, behavior, and social skills training.

Cara frequently writes articles and has been published in AutismAsperger’s Digest, Autism Spectrum Quarterly, AutismFile, APFED, Something Special Magazine, Parents, San Francisco Parent, and NewsLine, among others.   Ms. Koscinski is an advisor to AutismAsperger’s Digest Magazine. She was named as one of Jennifer O’Toole’s Asperkids Advisors of Awesomeness. Cara was the recipient of the Duquesne University’s Innovative Practice Entrepreneur Award and has served as an adjunct clinical instructor for the Duquesne University Occupational Therapy program.  She has extensive training in sensory processing disorder, Handwriting Without Tears, pediatric feeding techniques, core muscle considerations, autism, gastro-intestional disorders, upper extremity treatment, handwriting, Therapeutic Listening, caregiver stressors and support, visual perception, rhythmic movement, reflex integration. Cara has recently become a certified IRLEN Screener.

Photo of Lisa Kozden
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Anne Kozicki
Occupational Therapist


Photo of Jodi Lawyer
Occupational Therapist
Photo of June Leo-Randazzo
Occupational Therapist
Photo of S Levon
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Mandy Lubas
Holistic Occupational Therapist, Yoga Therapist
Work Holistic Therapies For Life Website: HolisticTherapies4Life.com

Biographical Info

Mandy Lubas, OTR/L is a registered and licensed Occupational Therapist who has been in the field of medicine for 11 years working with the pediatric, adults, and geriatric population. Mandy’s healing journey has continued to unfold and has moved quite rapidly since she began her yoga journey of healing in June 2011 by participating in a 200 hour beginner teacher training program with Kim Valeri through Yogaspirit Studios. Mandy is continuing her studies with Kim Valeri at the 500 and 1000 hour levels to become a yoga therapist. She is attending Kerala Ayurveda Academy’s webinar program along with classroom studies here on the North Shore which will provide her with the knowledge that she needs to become an Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner and a Yoga Therapist. In addition she is working towards her certification in craniosacral therapy. With these studies she will continue to practice as a holistic occupational therapist incorporating alternative therapies into her scope of practice to improve the health and well-being of her clients for preventive purposes and long lasting health.


Photo of Kelly Maher
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Heaven Marculis
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Marshell McCall
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Kathleen McFeeters
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Melissa Mortenson
Occupational Therapist


Photo of Carol Noel-Mozer
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Saran Nuth
Occupational Therapist


Photo of Andrea O’Brien
Occupational Therapist


Photo of Hiral Patel
Occupational Therapist
Home Austin TX Website: Healing with Hiral

Biographical Info

After working in a healthcare related industry for 10 years since 2007, Hiral began her journey and evolution of yoga in 2012, which led her to a transformative path in many different areas of her life. She began to notice her breath, actions, mind, body, and spirit. Her continued path stems from her intense and rigorous schooling and health experience.

After graduating high school in 2003, Hiral enrolled and began a six-year pharmacy school program that fall. After experiencing the fully invested time, hard dedicated work and energy of the program curriculum, Hiral began to feel a burnout and loss of interest, being stuck while her heart and soul craved more. She was led into unhealthy habits of drinking, poor diet and choices and a diagnosis of major depression for five consistent years while being on an unmanageable antidepressant medication. Her inability to stay in good academic standing with the program resulted in her dismissal from the college in 2008.

Hiral’s desire and strong inclination to help people differently as a healthcare professional gave her the understanding that the pharmaceutical path was not meant for her. She began to quickly explore other options, with little time to waste, and came across the rehabilitating field of occupational therapy. Hiral began her undergraduate studies for two years then was accepted into the master’s program in Fall 2010. Two weeks into the program, Hiral became ill with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Undergoing eight months of intense chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Hiral learned she was in remission in June 2011. With reapplication, Hiral finished her bachelors in kinesiology and master’s in occupational therapy while engaging in her slow path of physical, emotional and mental recovery. Hiral experimented in aerobic exercises including running and training for a half marathon, P90x, and other weight training programs. However, her introduction and journey with yoga helped her the most along with these other areas being adjuncts to her wellness.

Hiral discovered EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique in July 2015 through Sonya Sophia, which laid the foundation for her emotional and mental awareness and provided her with a framework to develop an emotional resilience/intelligence to many circumstances while working as an occupational therapist the last three and half years. Her interest continued to expand into diet as well, while completing a 40-hr elective course at Yoga Yoga on Ayurvedic cooking and yoga practice Hiral gained basic knowledge on various food choices affecting her constitution and ways to bring it into balance. She then continued to pursue becoming a registered yoga teacher with a foundations in yoga therapy in March 2017 and recently received her 50-hr certification in adaptive yoga. Hiral is also a certified brain injury specialist which supports her current field of occupational therapy. After learning about her hypothyroidism symptoms in early 2017, Hiral chose to work closely with a wellness and health coach in Fall of 2017 using various emotional and liver detoxification approaches including her healing path in using hemp oil to bring her nervous, endocrine and immune systems back into homeostasis with other added benefits.

All of these holistic practices combined or in pieces have led Hiral to her purpose and call to action in helping others to manage their mental/emotional/physical bodies in a healthier way.

Hiral has been working in inpatient rehabilitation hospital settings for the past four years with focus on geriatric, stroke, orthopedic, neurological disorders, amputations, arthropathic populations, system vasculidities, and knee or hip joint replacements according to CMS 13. Her line of focus in these settings have included but are not limited to-adaptive/compensatory ADL techniques, restorative approaches with use of modalities (TENS, E-stim, cryotherapy, manual techniques) rote learning and facilitation techniques, energy conservation, work simplification, biomechanical and therapeutic activities/exercises, positioning and pain management, stress management, fall prevention, yogic/breathing and stretching exercises, DME/AE recommendations and training and so much more. Hiral loves to evaluate, assess, educate, and integrate as many of these tools and modalities she sees fit for her patients and clients.

Photo of Kiki Peppard
COTA/L, Reiki Master/Teacher, Reflexologist, Qigong InstructorReiki for Independent Living
Home Carbon County Palmerton PA 18071 USAHome Phone: 570-460-8485Website: https://kikihealingenergy.com

Biographical Info

Kiki Peppard is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant as well as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Reflexologist and Qigong instructor. Presently she is employed with a home health agency providing occupational therapy services in clients’ residences in the Lehigh Valley/Bethlehem area in Pennsylvania.  She is in the process of finishing her first book, “Reiki…and them Some.” Other published articles includes “Reiki in Occupational Therapy” which appeared in Reiki News Magazine, “Treating Outside the Box” was published in Advanced for Occupational Therapy.

She has been practicing Reiki since 1997, is an instructor in all three levels of Usui Shiki Royho Reiki, and also teaches “Reiki for Occupational Therapy Practitioners” in Palmerton, Pennsylvania. Kiki did a presentation on “Integrative Medicine in Occupational Therapy” at the Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association (POTA) District VI meeting. This interactive workshop focused on the use of various mind-body holistic treatments in the therapeutic rehabilitation setting. It included information as well as demonstrations with audience participation in the use of Reiki, reflexology, hypnotherapy, and Qigong in occupational therapy. Case studies on the benefits and outcomes on use of these therapeutic tools were discussed. She co-presented at the annual Social Worker Conference at a local university as part of a program entitled “An Examination of Complementary Mind-Body Medicine Models for Social Work Practice”.

Professional Memberships include: Reiki Healing Association (RHA), International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP), The International Center for Reiki Training Affiliate Membership (ICRT), Holistic OT, National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT), American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) and Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association (POTA). Kiki is an ordained minister with the Sanctuary of the Beloved, Inc. of the State of New York.

She teaches weekly beginner Qigong classes in her community. Kiki is certified as a Grief Reiki® Energy Healer and is the co-facilitator of the Holistic Grief Healing Workshops. She has also been approved as a continuing education provider by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) to teach Reiki to massage therapists for continuing education units.

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Occupational Therapist
Photo of Annette Pichardo
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Angela Polk
Occupational Therapist
Home North Ridgeville Ohio 44039

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Angela has been providing Occupational Therapy interventions since 1999 and currently works with students and families in a large public school  system. Angela has been employed in a variety of environments working in Early Intervention, Pediatrics and Adult intervention, including home care. Her background, interests and studies have provided a foundation for incorporating mind, body and spirit based methods and approaches to wellness and well-being.  Angela has participated and completed specialized instruction in CranioSacral Therapy with Upledger Institute, Rhythymic movement, Reflex integration, Brain gym, Therapeutic Yoga and Energy Medicine courses with an Advanced Practitioner in the Eden Energy Medicine program. She has also completed the Third Degree Level Training in the Usui System of Natural Healing (Usui Shiki Ryoho), is a Reiki Practitioner, and has received certification as a Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader through the Healer Within Foundation, Institute of Integral Qigong and TaiChi. Angela is on a personal and professional journey to continue to learn, incorporate and spread the power of Self-Healing.

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Occupational Therapist
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Occupational Therapist
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Occupational Therapist
Photo of Prana Hand Therapy and Wellness
Contact: Helen Konduris


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Occupational Therapist
Photo of Diana Robinson
Occupational Therapist, Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher
Work Simply Well 28 S. Pitt Street Carlisle PA 17013 Cell Phone: (717) 856-8930

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Diana is a licensed occupational therapist (OT) who has been working in the field since 2002. She has helped people across the lifespan to participate in the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of everyday activities (occupations). This experience has given her in depth knowledge on strategies to address physical, psychological, and cognitive aspects of wellbeing.

In her work as a holistic occupational therapist, Diana uses the best of traditional and complimentary strategies to address the mind, body and spirit of each client, which helps them to participate in things they want and need to do. Diana is a Reiki MasterTeacher and a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance. She also has a certification as a Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga Teacher. Diana uses energy work (Reiki), yoga, meditation, education on how to easily incorporate mindfulness into everyday activity, and education on holistic pain management strategies to address the individual needs of her clients. Diana is also a Certified Lymphatic Therapist through the Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy and is trained in complete decongestive therapy. Bringing insight and compassion to all of her interactions with clients, Diana encourages self-healing and restoration on all levels.

Diana has a private practice within Simply Well, a wellness practice in Carlisle, PA. She also teaches yoga classes at Yoga at Simply Well in addition to teaching workshops and classes in the Central Pennsylvania area. Diana also holds in services with local companies, schools, and businesses on how to bring wellness to work.

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Occupational Therapist
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Occupational Therapist
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Occupational Therapist
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Occupational Therapist
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Occupational Therapist
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Occupational Therapist


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Occupational Therapist
Photo of Michelle Marie Samuelson MAOTR/L, BCIM
Occupational Therapies; Holistic and Behavioral, physcial rehabilitationInsight Therapies: Spirt-Mind-BodyAlternative integrative Holistic and Behavioral Health Care Services
Work 900 Rum River Drive South Suite 102 PO Box 93 Princeton MN 55371 USAWork Phone: 763-260-3399Website: Insight Therapies: Spirit-Mind-Body

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Michelle Samuelson has been an Master of Occupational Therapy for over 13 years. She has a passion for health and wellness, through behavioral and Holistic health care.  Michelle has worked as an OT in a variety of clinical settings and client populations: child to geriatric.  Working mainly in a physical rehabilitation setting.  Additionally, Michelle is Board Certified in Integrative Medicine and a Fellow member of the American Association of Integrative Medicine.  A previous attempt to incorporate OT mental/behavioral health care in a private outpatient mental health clinic in Wadena, MN.  At that time Michelle was unable to devote the time needed to develop the program.

Last November, 2015  Michelle obtained the perfect clinical space and setting for healing in Princeton, MN.  Treatment options include: outpatient OT behavioral health services; assisting individuals in everyday activities with IADLs, spiritual, leisure, work/vocational and social pursuits, coping and relaxation skill training, Reiki Therapeutic Healing Touch, EFT, meditation, guided imagery, adult sensory program, hand reflexology and vita-flex, and aromatherapy/essential oils to name a few.

A vision for Michelle and development of practice, also incorporates psychological services on site.  Future development may include other holistic practices provided by other practitioners: craniosacral, Qigong, acupuncture/acupressure, and tea touch (animal).

Insight Therapies: Spirit-Mind-Body

Mission Statement:  “A means to a more Peaceful life.  Assisting you to develop and achieve a higher sense of self and calm in a Chaotic World”


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Occupational Therapist
Photo of Erica Schmalenberger
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Jahara Sara Seitz OTR/L, E-RYT
Occupational Therapist & Yoga TeacherWild Radiance: Holistic Occupational Therapy
Home Grover Beach CA 93433 United StatesCell Phone: 413-230-0022Website: Wild Radiance: Holistic Occupational Therapy

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Jahara is a radiant and embodied being, committed to helping others move through the world with a greater sense of joy, fullness, and authenticity. As an occupational therapist, movement artist, and yoga teacher Jahara is devoted to forever growing in her understanding of the body and exploring deeper dimensions of what it means to live a meaningful life and to profoundly and unabashedly stand in one’s radiant truth. 

With a natural grace and intuitive approach, Jahara is a facilitator, therapist, mentor, and teacher who is spiritually oriented, capable of seamlessly unifying principles of alignment with a philosophy that embodies a celebration of the heart. Her love, curiosity, and joy for life is contagious!

Experience, Certifications, & Trainings: E-RYT: Karuna Center for Healing Arts; Over a decade of teaching yoga classes, workshops, and specialty series; 100 hr Anusara Yoga Immersion: Yoga Sanctuary; Masters of Occupational Therapy: Bay Path University; JF Barnes Myofascial Mobilization Training; Lori Zeltwanger Myofascial Connections Training.

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Occupational Therapist
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Occupational Therapist
Photo of Melanie Small
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Carrie Strauch
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Hollie Swanton
Occupational Therapist, Lymphoedema Practitioner
Work Hollie Swanton Occupational Therapy – Cairns and FNQ The Rehab Village 218 McLeod Street Cairns North QLD 4870 AustraliaWork Phone: +61 (438) 799-754Website: www.hollieswanton.com.au

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Hollie Swanton loves to help you achieve the best from your life. Hollie has been an Occupational Therapist for almost a decade, working a range of areas. She has completed her Post Graduate in Soft Tissue Injury Management in 2009 and has been a Lymphoedema Practitioner since 2012, combining her skills to provide post cancer or injury wellness services to a range of clients.
Hollie has a strong interest in Women’s Wellness and in particular supporting women to make empowered choices through life’s transitions. Hollie has a passion for wellness, and designing life to suit your evolving goals, and can assist you develop and empower your skills for the job of life, whether at home, during leisure or at work.

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Occupational Therapist


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Occupational Therapist
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Occupational Therapist
Photo of Theresa Theresa Tovey MOT, OTR/L, E-RYT-200, RCYT, YACEP
Occupational Therapist, Children’s Yoga Teacher, Lead Trainer for Radiant Child YogaLight in You Yoga, LLC
Home 7 Pattaconk Drive Light in You Yoga, LLC Connecticut Chester CT 06412 United StatesCell Phone: 860-830-0025Website: Light in You Yoga, LLC

Biographical Info

Theresa received her MOT degree from the University of Puget Sound in 1984. Since that time she has worked with diverse populations in a wide variety of settings.

Theresa’s holistic OT path began while employed full time in a public school setting.  Seeing the light and innate goodness in all children and wanting to provide them with “tools” to lead a mindful, integrated, and balanced life, she began incorporating yoga (mindfulness & meditation) into her OT sessions.  Valuing the importance of teaching yoga with integrity and knowing that each lineage of yoga offers something unique, Theresa has completed three, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs beginning with The Bhogah Yoga School (Vinyasa), followed by Radiant Child & Family Yoga, and most recently, Kundalini Yoga (KRI).  With full support from her public school district, Theresa typically teaches 18-20 “sensory-motor yoga” groups each week, the majority of which in whole (regular education) classrooms.

Following completion of the 200 Hour Radiant Child & Family Yoga Teacher Training, Theresa was asked by the founder of Radiant Child Yoga, Shakta Khalsa, to become a Lead Trainer.  Theresa currently offers Radiant Child Level 1-2 (Foundations) and Level 3 (Heart & Soul Work) training during the summer months.  Her workshop is often attended by other OT’s, as yoga for differently abled children, is integrated into the Radiant Child Yoga curriculum.

Since working holistically, Theresa has experienced a deeper connection with her students as she is impacting the “whole child”.  When teaching children yoga, Theresa incorporates sensory-motor integration, motor planning therapy, elements of Brain Gym, music-timing-rhythm, breath work, mindfulness, and a variety of meditation techniques – ALL elements that lead to both physiological and emotional regulation.

Theresa believes occupational therapy has always espoused the importance of life balance and in so doing has always been “holistic” in theory.  She is both excited and inspired by the wide variety of holistic practices currently being integrated into OT by her peers.

Looking ahead to the future and open to where it leads her, Theresa is currently studying Yoga Therapy through Phoenix Rising’s IAYT accredited program.


Photo of Amy PBP Underwood OTR/L
OTR/LIntegrative OT
Work 226 Territorial Road Benton Harbor MI 49022 USAHome MI 49022 United StatesWork Phone: 773 6778921Website: http://www.integrativeotswm.com

Biographical Info

My name is Amy Underwood. I am a mother, a wife, a lover of yoga, and a practitioner of the healing arts.

I graduated from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, with a degree in Occupational Therapy (BSc.OT) in 2005. Since then I have worked and lived in three continents, providing rehabilitation services in hospitals, outpatient clinics and skilled nursing facilities, as well as an international circus festival.

I have over a decade’s experience treating a wide variety of conditions, including stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, and orthopedics conditions.

In 2014, I became a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner, certified through Bowtech, the Bowenwork Academy of Australia and the American Bowen Academy. In 2016, I completed my certification in Kinesio Taping through Kinesio Taping International. I am currently completing my Childrens Yoga Certification through Yoga Kids, graudating in August 2017 and will be completing my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in the fall of 2017.

I have found that Bowenwork, Kinesio Taping, Yoga and my extensive knowledge of musculoskeletal and neurological injuries all work together to support the body during intensive training or daily life, minimize risk of injury, and speed recovery if injury occurs.

The techniques that I practice are light but powerful and appropriate for all.

I work with all ages, conditions, and injuries. I have a special interest in working with acrobats, athletes and performers who are training for sporting events or performances.

I am registered with NBCOT, the National Board for Certification of Occupational Therapists, Licensed by the State of Michigan Occupational Therapy Board, and insured for private practice.


Photo of Emmy Vadnais OTR/L, BCTMB, ARCB
Holistic Occupational Therapist, Intuitive Healer
Work Emmy Vadnais Holistic Healing “Align with the Divine” “Transform Pain and Anxiety to Peace and Joy” St. Paul MN Work Phone: (651) 292-9938Website: EmmyVadnais.comWebsite: HolisticOT.org

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Emmy Vadnais, OTR/L, BCTMB, ARCB is a Holistic OT, teacher, writer and consultant. She created and manages the Holistic OT Community – HolisticOT.org and all corresponding social media and events. She hosts the monthly Holistic OT Conversations and writes for the “Light on Holistic OT Column” in ADVANCE Magazine highlighting new research and demonstrating the power of Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine, Prevention, and Wellness.

For nearly 20 years she has been studying and practicing Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine. She is Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, is an American Board Certified Reflexologist, and has received certifications in Medical QiGong Energy Healing, Meditation, Relaxation, Intuitive Healing, Spiritual Healing, Guided Imagery, Massage Therapy, Acupressure, Reflexology, Myofascial Release, CranioSacral Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Mindfulness, Emotional Clearing, and Aromatherapy.

She teaches Holistic Health Care classes to Health Care Professionals and coaches them in one to one sessions on how to incorporate these approaches into their practices and how to create and/or expand their private practice. She supports all Health Care Professionals to utilize these profound healing approaches. She is in private practice in St. Paul, MN providing a variety of Holistic Health, Wellness, and Prevention strategies to children and adults.


Photo of Deanna Waggy OTR
DW Healing Arts LLC
Work 59310 Linden Road South Bend IN 46614 Work Phone: 574-276-1068Website: http://www.dwaggy.com/Website: http://balanceresourcecards.com/Website: http://zerobalancingmichiana.com/Website: BeWell Decks and Self Care/Wellness ResourcesWebsite: Gift of Balance BlogBlog: Personal BlogWebsite: DW Healing Arts Newsletter

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I am a Holistic OT with a private wellness practice that bridges traditional and complementary approaches through integration of the intersection points of various techniques. My calling in life is to bring healing and wholeness into the lives of others. As an Occupational Therapist with over 30 years experience, I facilitate self-responsibility for well-being and quality of life so clients can fully participate in purposeful everyday living. I use complementary approaches such as Zero Balancing, Process Acupressure, SEVA Stress Release, BodyTalk Access, Emotional Freedom Technique, Guided Imagery, Reiki and Relaxation Techniques to facilitate and support the healing process. As the designer of The BeWell Decks (Balance Resource Cards), I empower clients to restore health and well-being as they create personal daily self care routines.

I enjoy working with clients who are open to innovative treatment approaches, are motivated to get better and are willing to make lifestyle changes to achieve their goals. I have experience with MS, ADHD, hand therapy, breast cancer, mastectomy, trauma, fibromyalgia, stress, anxiety and chronic pain. In addition to Holistic OT, I am also a Spiritual Director and retreat facilitator who walks with clients on their Spiritual Path and connects with the Divine through mindfulness practices, sensory approaches, learning styles and various creative arts. I provide opportunities and resources to integrate whole brain learning and processing on their spiritual journey. I love to collaborate with other holistic health practitioners.

May you be well! Deanna


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Occupational Therapist
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Occupational Therapist
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Occupational Therapist
Photo of Elena L Wheeler
COTA/L RYT 500, NCTM/LSacred Wellness LLC
Other Georgia

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Elena has taught yoga for over 23 years, and is registered with the Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level. She is also a nationally certified massage therapist practicing for 11 years at Sacred Wellness. Since becoming an OTA in 2014 she has found many ways in which the three disciplines complement each other, and integrates them all into her private practice and at the Dalton Wellness Center.

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Occupational Therapist
Photo of Kristen Winegardner
Occupational Therapist


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Occupational Therapist


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Occupational Therapist