Breath Work Class Recording
Instructor: Emmy Vadnais, OTR/L
CEU: 2 CEU Hours
Price: $25 for Full Members of the Holistic OT Community, $49 for non-members

Health Care Practitioners
Would you like to learn simple and effective methods to help your clients and your own self-care with breath work?

Breath work techniques have research supporting efficacy to:

  • create the relaxation response – opposite of the stress response
  • transform stress, anxiety, pain, and depression to positive states and well-being
  • positively affect overall mind, body & spirt health

You will Learn:

  • Conscious, controlled, and meditation breathing techniques that can induce the relaxation response and transform stress, anxiety, pain & depression to positive states and well-being.
  • How to guide clients in:
    • Abdominal/Diaphragm/Deep/Belly Breathing
    • Wave Breathing
    • Counting with Breath
    • Yogic and Pranayama Breathing
  • Efficacy-based research supporting breath work in the health care setting.



“Emmy’s classes are always informative, educational and well organized. The Breath Work Class not only provides techniques (also practiced during the class) that I can implement immediately into practice, it also reviews the anatomy and physiology of breathing, the science of breath and nerve innervation necessary for respiration. Emmy also provides multiple studies sited throughout the course using evidence and science to support breath work in practice for both self-care and in practice as an OT and yoga teacher. I am always grateful for Emmy, her work in Holistic OT education and the beautiful community that she has built for Holistic OT’s! Thank you, Emmy!” Michelle Bonang, OT, RCYT, Pediatric Occupational Therapist, SIPT Certified

“I really appreciated the in depth look into all that is breath and was impressed that you touched on the polyvagal theory and the Vagus nerve. Thank you for demonstrating the different breathing techniques and providing printouts we can use with our clients. This was the first virtual class I attended of yours and I’ll definitely be back for more!” Lyndsey Herman, OTR/L

“I found this class to be very beneficial––especially the information providing evidence-based foundation for the techniques. Not only was the foundational information useful, but the techniques are clearly explained and demonstrated. I feel confident using these with my patients.” Andrea List, MOTR/L

“This is a great course! It is a perfect mixture of anatomy, science, symptoms and treatments! The immediate take away value is huge for therapy.” Kelly Armstrong, OTR/L, SIPT, MPP

“This class was really transformational for me as it created the link and bridge between breath work theory and science. I feel that after this class I am much better prepared to educate my patients on the benefits of breath work and how to guide them through various techniques. I really appreciate the detail and care that went into this course and recommend it for anyone looking on ideal resources of using breath work in their healthcare practice.” Annetta Fooks, OTR/L

“This is an incredible foundation course in breath work for both those with some knowledge on the topic and for those with no prior experience. There are many ways my patients can benefit from this, to manage pain, fear, anxiety, and emotions. It will also be a valuable tool in my person life. Highly recommend!” Monica Heltemes, OTR/L

The Breath Work Class with Emmy Vadnais has a medical approach with strong scientific research. The practice and the personal experiences shared about the therapy work will definitely enhance my OT sessions. After learning about several ailments and precautions I feel that I will be better prepared to integrate breath into my wellness practice in a safer context. Even if I am a devoted yoga practitioner, I find that every class I take makes my understanding deeper. Overall, it will make my entire life, professional and personal better. Thank you so much!” Elena L Wheeler, COTA/L, RYT 500, NCTM/L

“The Breath Work Class was very informative and clear. Emmy is a great presenter with a good balance of evidence based research, practical tools with anecdotal support to the techniques. The breath work techniques are simple to learn and the class is the perfect way to increase confidence to incorporate breath work into many areas for OTs. Thank you.” Debbie Hawksworth, OTR/L, Breath Work Facilitator (certified), Reiki Master, Student of Shamanic Studies

“The Breath Work Class provides great evidence based support with techniques that are easy to follow. There are multiple breath work techniques taught that I haven’t heard of before. I love the immediate benefits of reduced stress and anxiety with increased calmness and a sense of well-being.” Stacey Levon, MOT, OTR/L