Thanks for Putting the Happy in OT Month

Thanks for Putting the Happy in OT Month

Happy OT Month!

One of the blessings of occupational therapy is that there are many ways we can provide care and support to help people reach their goals.

Integrative Health has been growing in health care since it was first known as Complementary and Alternative Medicine. We now have much more research to support not only the healing benefits, but also the ways these approaches shine for prevention and wellness.

Additionally, they’re excellent for self-care. OT practitioner job satisfaction seems to improve as OTs utilize these approaches as part of their own healthy habits and routines and in their practice when appropriate for the client.

They also shine with helping lower stress, anxiety, pain, depression and can assist with emotional regulation, increase focus, attention, and overall homeostatic balance, plus many physical benefits, as well.

How is integrative health helping in your or your clients’ lives?

Here is an example of how to do this from a Holistic OT.

Wishing you a very Happy OT Month and that you grow in ways that bring you happiness and feed your soul.


Emmy Vadnais

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