4 Simple Ways the Law of Attraction Can Help You

What is the Law of Attraction and how can it help you?

Law of Attraction is a theory that like attracts like. What you focus on the most is what you will attract. If you focus on the negative or unpleasant thoughts, emotions, energy then you will attract negative or unpleasantness in your life. If you focus on positive or pleasant thoughts, emotions, and energy then you will attract pleasant and positive things in your life.

The idea is to focus on the things you want more of in your life. To spend more time focusing on positive thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Here are 4 Simple Ways the Law of Attraction Can Help You:

1. Discover what you don’t want.

2. From that, identify what you do want.

3. Get into the feeling place of your want.

4. Intend, and allow it to happen…

Does this really work? Can it really help?

There is actual medical evidence that switching your thoughts to an “ideal outcome” or end-result imagery can produce positive results. The Benson-Henry Protocol outlined in Relaxation Revolution: The Science and Genetics of Mind Body Healing by Herbert Benson, MD has two phases. In the first phase you get into the Relaxation Response state, using whatever method works for you, such as relaxation techniques, abdominal breathing, progressive relaxation, guided imagery, yoga, listening to music, etc.

Then, after 12 -15 minutes you move to the second phase of visualization, for 8 – 10 minutes, where you recall a time that you felt better or imagine how you would like to look and feel without your current challenges. This is capitalizing on what has been commonly been referred to as the placebo effect. Dr. Benson discovered that it was active 60% – 90% of the research studies that he reviewed, which is more than the commonly held 30% of the time. He calls this “Remembered Wellness.” He has put his discovery to good use and you can, too.

If you practice the Benson-Henry Protocol regularly you will likely experience positive results. This method not only can produce results that make you feel better, it actually switches off the stress producing gene expression and can switch on positive and healing gene expression that can help you recover mentally, physically, and emotionally – even preventing illness or disharmony in the first place.

If you find that your thoughts tend to revert to negative thoughts, feelings, worry that can create self-sabotage there may be unresolved emotions, thoughts, beliefs or trauma. It may be helpful for you to learn mindfulness meditation. This can help you to learn to bring love, compassion, and acceptance to these hurt places and allow them to transform and heal.

Seek out a qualified teacher or a Holistic OT who can help you in a one to one session so you can thrive and enjoy life!

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