New “Healing Connections” Podcast

New “Healing Connections” Podcast

Healing Connections Podcast – Episode 1

Healing Connections was created by Emmy Vadnais, OTR/L. The first episode was just recorded this November with her Fieldwork II student, Carisa Hillman.

In Episode 1 we discuss how most of us are affected by negative stress with tips and suggestions on how to manage stress, induce the relaxation response to help prevent disease, and in certain cases possibly even recover from illness or disease.

Listen to the first episode!
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“Healing Connections” was initially created in 2010 with the hopes of it becoming a radio show. It lay dormant for a few years, and after Emmy hosted four years of the “Holistic Occupational Therapy Conversations”, she wanted to reach out to a larger audience.

The initial groundwork for “Healing Connections” was created by Emmy Vadnais, Christine Gendreau who is a licensed acupuncturist, and Steven C. Anderson who is a music producer and pianist. She is grateful for them both for having co-created the foundation and giving permission to her to breathe life back into this “radio show” that now has, perhaps, more autonomy as a podcast. Steven’s music accompanies the episodes, and she is looking forward to having Christine as a guest in the studio soon.

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Please let us know how you liked the maiden voyage episode. Thanks for listening and sharing!

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