Go Green this St. Patrick’s Day for the Environment

Go Green this St. Patrick’s Day for the Environment

Here are 5 Ways to Go Green this St. Patrick’s Day for the Environment

Many celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with their favorite green beverage and spend leisure time with their friends and loved ones. Here are ways to extend that green to improve the environment, save more green, be more healthy, and have a healthier planet.

1. Garden – It’s Springtime! Make your garden green!
* Make an Organic Garden
* Compost
* Grow Your Own Food
* Join a Community Garden
* Grow Native Plants

2. Eat Green
* Buy Local
* Grow Your Own Food
* Eat Organic
* Eat Sustainable Foods
* Eat Less Meat

3. Save Energy & Money
* Set Your Thermostat a Few Degrees Lower in Winter and a Few Degrees Higher in the Summer
* Use Compact Flourescent Light Bulbs
* Unplug Appliances or Use “Smart” Power Strips
* Wash Clothes in Cold Water
* Use Drying Rack to Dry Clothes

4. Recycle

* Reduce the Amount You Use
* Know What You Can Recycle
* Buy Recycled Items
* Donate Clothing or Gently Used Items
* Compost Kitchen Scraps

5. Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies
* Non-Toxic Supplies Have Less Impact on Your Health & Environment
* Many Cleaning Supplies Can Be Made from Baking Soda and Vinegar
* Several Natural Essential Oils Have Antibacterial and Antifungal Qualities
* Buy From Green Companies
* Use Natural Soap

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