Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

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About Erin: Through the systems of Iyengar, Ashtanga and Anusara yoga, Erin has learned the necessity of proper alignment, the delights of a flowing sequence and the potency of our heart’s intention. She has dedicated herself to yoga with over 30 years of personal practice, thousands of hours of training and 19 years of teaching including lead teaching 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings. She is the owner of The Yoga Experience, a yoga studio that has been offering Flagstaff, Arizona top quality yoga instruction for over 20 years. She began the study of yoga in Seattle with Denise Benitez, owner of Seattle Yoga Arts in 1988 as a freshman at the University of Washington. She has trained extensively with Noah Maze and Christina Sell.

About Molly:
Molly Allison has practiced in the field of orthopedics for 28 years and founded Holistic Orthopedics in Seattle.  She has presented at the International Fascia research conference, taught with Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains and completed a 2000 hour degree in Structural Medicine As an Occupational Therapist and Structural Integrator, her exploration of biomechanics, physics, kinesiology and anatomy gives a compelling view of evolution, fascia and function. She is board certified in Hand and Upper Extremity Therapy and Structural Integration. Molly’s Advanced Master’s thesis was a national study which investigated fascial restrictions and repetitive use injuries of the upper quadrant. Curiosity of cultural anthropology lead her to work in a Leprosy Hospital in Pokhara, Nepal where she studied Orthopedic Surgery and Ayurvedic Philosophy. 

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