Wholism in Health Care

Wholism in Health Care

By Michael Gagliano, OT/L, Reiki Master and Tai Chi Practitioner

Wholism – Uncovering Harmony

It would be so simple if all disharmonies could be traced to just one root cause. This is actually the practice in the current allopathic “western” state of healthcare. Root causes are routinely discussed & researched, and if not found only symptoms are treated. Healthcare practitioners specialize in a “reduction-istic” approach to both cause & treatment. A particular pathogen, anatomical anomaly or chemical deficiency may be treated by a particular anti-pathogenic or bio-chemical agent and/or surgical techniques.

What’s missing? An understanding of the “Whole” being! We are mutli-layered beings. We are the expression of the “totality” commonly referred to as Mind/Body/Spirit. It is an error to reduce those aspects into any singularity. They are interwoven into our “being-hood.” They encompass our physical, mental-emotional and emotional-spiritual context. All disharmonies are wrapped in these layers. One aspect impacting the other, disrupting the vibration of harmony.

“Wholism” attempts to re-establish our connection to these various aspects. It seeks to allow a deeper understanding of us as muti-dimensional beings. One aspect being “as important” as any other. Our “wellness” is expressed when these various aspects are vibrating in synchronicity………….HARMONY.
Once we come to understand the significance of this interplay we can seek out ways to allow the uncovering of the layers of disharmonies. This is indeed a process.

Truth be told, all healing is really about an ongoing process, not some end-state labeled “cure.” It is a process of self discovery, enlightenment, of attunement with vibrations. It’s appreciating where we are at any particular moment in time. It’s appreciating that these physical forms we have will ebb & flow. They will, at some point, transition to form-less-ness.

And yet we are able to maintain an equanimity of mind that allows for the realization that …………….. All Is Well!!!

OT with Complementary Health Approaches and Integrative Health are able to address the whole person into the environment that supports can support you to connect with a sense of wholeness. Thus, you are able to live a more fulfilled life with peace and harmony. 

In Loving Service ~MG

Michael Gagliano is an occupational therapist, Reiki Master & Tai Chi practitioner. He has over 37 years of clinical experience in a wide variety of healthcare settings. Michael currently owns & operates “Gagliano Wellness & Rehab P.A.” a Wholistic Wellness Practice in Greensboro focusing on integrating Fascial Work, Energy Work and Mindfulness. In addition he teaches Anatomy & Physiology and Kinesiology in the massage therapy programs at Triad area community colleges. You can follow Michael on Facebook and contact him at [email protected]

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