FREE Thought Training to Beat the Pandemic

FREE Thought Training to Beat the Pandemic

QUESTIONS. Ask yourself new questions so you can come up with a new perspective.

Coach JXP reflects and evaluates himself almost every six hours now. He feels legit Holistic more than ever because he is doing the VIBRATIONAL work himself. He asks A LOT of questions and his yellow furry cat knows it because he asks him a lot of questions too! Like what he was dreaming when he was making cute squeaky sounds, what’s on his mind after he sneezes and why he stares at him ALL THE TIME when he’s taking a shower.

And this is what this free 32:25 training video is all about, QUESTIONS.

Questions to FINE TUNE your vibration!

Are you serious with your ALIGNMENT this year?

These 27 questions can add some spice to your alignment.

So beat that lingering Pandemic Underperformance through self-reflection and self-evaluation!

Do the inner work AGAIN, not just for yourself but for those you love and serve as well.

You did good enduring the events that happened for the past 12 months. Now it’s time to turn the good into something really really special.

So try to make yourself cozy tonight, light some candles or some incense, prepare your choice of beverage or snack, dim the lights and sit on a quiet space with your favorite pen and your journal, then have a lovely time getting to know yourself again through these questions.

From my heart to yours,
Coach JXP

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