Holistic OT "Attitude of Gratitude" Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

Holistic OT "Attitude of Gratitude" Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

We asked OTs what they are grateful for about Holistic OT – Mind, Body, Spirit Medicine and Prevention and Wellness in working with others or for their own self care, or their own personal philosophy of Gratitude. Here’s what they had to say!

“I am grateful to be alive and living on this tiny speck we call earth in the middle of this amazing universe.” Monique Portanger, OTR/L

“I am grateful that I am in a profession that embraces its holistic roots of wellness, occupations, & creativity! Some people ask me why I chose OT as a career. I tell them that I did not choose it, but it chose me! I came to this profession after a serious car accident. I went through the rehab process with OT & PT. After rehab, I knew that OT was for me. For the past 12 years, I have been in traditional settings. Currently, I am now delving in to health & wellness coaching. I am excited to see what the future holds for holistic OT!”  Kimberly Taylor, OTR/L, CHC

“I have gratitude for each experience, no matter if it is joyful or challenging. Recently, I have such gratitude for the opportunity to explore more holistic avenues of providing occupational therapy through participation in a yoga therapy program. It isn’t the situation, or another person, or the experience that determines our happiness. It is our perception and ability to appreciate all experiences and all interactions that determines our happiness. What a wonderful life we all have been given! See the blessings surrounding you and you will be blessed!!” Kristine Giles, OTR/L

“I choose to celebrate my aging for the opportunities it is offering me.  I now have the freedom to pursue a master’s degree in holistic health.  I now have the time to learn and to grow in body, mind and spirit, things that were put on hold during the years when my time was tied up with raising children and caring for a household while working full time.  I celebrate the fact that my school job offers the time off that supports my other interests.  And, I choose to celebrate my future wise woman.” Jamey Stofko,  M. Ed. OTR

“It seems to me that it is quite easy to say “I am grateful for all you have done for me” for expressing gratitude is the result of self reflection in part, and when we are positive most everything in life will go well. If we do reflect on our environment and recognize that we are grateful for something in particular we can give a moment of thanks, and life will go more smoothly. Expressing gratitude in one way or another is a necessary part of our lives, but it takes a bit of self reflection to find what we are grateful for. So gratitude leads to giving and as we all know that takes a dash of self reflection. Giving makes us feel so good, that it is worth the extra effort. I recall my grandmothers saying: give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you. So gratitude and giving are linked together permanently for the best in our lives.” Virginia White, PhD, OTR

“Live Simply? It’s a state of appreciation of all that we already have. From that first breath we take in the morning, the meals we eat, the roof over our heads, clothes on our back, the family & friends we have and on & on & on. An appreciation of ALL OF IT. We no longer need to push away or deny any wants or desires, they simply fall away. LIVE SIMPLY”  Michael Gagliano, OT/L

“This month if I were to be really honest about what I’m grateful for from my holistic practices, I would have to say my husband. My practices have come home where it matters to me the most. I have learned more deeply that being loving is not about changing someone, it’s about meeting them where they are, listening with vast unquestioning presence, and sharing with respect for who they are, not who you think they should be. I teach this and I try my best to do it with my clients so that they make their own choices and actions to create their own life. This month I honour bringing it home – the best place to share the wealth of this Holistic journey.” Aubri Hendrick, MA, OTR/L

“I am grateful, my work has not only helped others, but recently myself. I was able to manage 14 hours of contractions without any drugs. And I am so grateful I could use all of my Mind Body Spirit Techniques to achieve my goal of a drug free labor that got me to 8cm. I was also able to remain peaceful and centered as a whole team of Dr.’s came rushing me to the OR because my baby’s heart rate had dropped to 40. I am also grateful I now have another beautiful healthy little girl.”  Safiya Omosanya OTR/L

“I am grateful that I have found a place in OT where I can really be myself, and being a Holistic OT allows me to do just that! I am grateful for this holistic community, since joining I have met some awesome people and I hope to meet more as I continue on my path as a Holistic OT. I am already grateful for the new beginnings for the new year as a Holistic OT to help connect the body, mind, and spirit for many individuals. Thank you.” Erica Hill, MA, OTR/L

“I am grateful for all of the experiences and for all of the loving people and creatures who have shown me the way. I am grateful that I have and continue to follow my heart, love, compassion, intuition, and spirituality. It has opened a great world of mysteries to me that bring me greater peace, love, and joy. I am grateful to be supported on this path, and to connect with beautiful people and experiences. I am grateful for all of the inspiration and to be able to be of support to others while more deeply accepting and loving myself. I am grateful for all of the loving connections and to continue to witness and be a part of this great transformation in health care. Thank you!”  Emmy Vadnais, OTR/L

“Gratefulness is something that comes straight from the heart, from the core, from the truth so I am grateful for living in my truth, which has opened my eyes differently in viewing the world. I am grateful for being able to stay in my truth which has opened up this path of becoming a Holistic Occupational Therapist. It has allowed me to interact with like minded people who want to create change for themselves and others. By living my “dharma” I will continue to live a truthful and purposeful life to improve the health and well-being of clients/patients/my family/my loved ones by facilitating the awakening of their physical, emotional and spiritual health as they explore their true life purpose. I am grateful for social media as we are now able to connect with like minded OT’s all around the world in order to network, share stories for support and encouragement, and to manifest practices we all believe in. Lastly, I am grateful for the 1,320 OT’s on the Holistic Face book page who are ready to embrace an emerging trend that is on the cutting edge. I am grateful for you Emmy Vadnais… Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!” Namaste – Mandy Lubas, OTR/L, RYT

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