Craniosacral Therapy Basic Elements 1 “Rhythm and Dural Tube”

Craniosacral Therapy Basic Elements 1 “Rhythm and Dural Tube”

Craniosacral Therapy Basic Elements 1 “Rhythm and Dural Tube” (CST-BE1)

Instructor: Charise Rogosky, LMT, CSTA-CP, MLDT
March 22-24, 2019 in Reading, Pennsylvania
Class Sponsor: CST Alliance (www.CSTAlliance.com)
No pre-requisite training. Touch license required.
Phone: 603-948-2820
Email: [email protected]
$498, 18 NCBTMB CEUs

In this three-day beginning craniosacral therapy class the craniosacral system is introduced in basic detail, including anatomy, physiology and method, with particular focus on the intraspinal membranes and the sacrum. The attending student will be able to immediately apply basic CST methods to their practice that facilitate therapeutic change in the fascia of the body and the peripheral nervous system. 

Topics include:
– the osteopathic origins of this gentle modality
– palpation by anatomical location
– perception of the craniosacral rhythm
– knowledge and delivery of manual CST techniques
– characteristics of energy and intention
– physiology of tissue release
– treatment rationale
– professional ethics
– clinical applications and implementation

About Charise:
Charise Rogosky is an LMT specializing in craniosacral therapy. She is CSTA-CP certified and approved to teach BE1, BE2 and the Craniosacral-Lymphatic Integration “CLI” class. Charise is certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy by the Monarch Continuing Education program. She has an active CST practice in Reading, Pennsylvania and hosts a very informative CST podcast series entitled “Your Inner Wisdom In Fluid Form.”

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