Spirituality – The Missing Link in Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-Body Medicine are various forms of healing that can support the mind to posititvely effect the body, and the body to effect the mind for health and wellness. What is often missing is the Spirit. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of Mind-Body Medicine, and the field of Psychoneurimmunology – how the mind can affect the nervous and immune systems, and am grateful for how much recognition and acceptance it seems to be receiving with research backing it up.

In my own personal journey and helping others with their health and wellness I have noticed that Spirituality seems to also be an equally important piece.The word spirit comes from the Latin root word “spiritus,” which means breath, wind, air, soul or psyche. Metaphysically, it may be referred to as consciousness or personality – that which is transcendent or a reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses.

Spirituality is individual and can be deeply personal. Views on spirituality may vary as much as the number of people that there are on earth. Spiritual or religious practices, such as prayer or meditation, can lead to better health outcomes, including increased energy, longer lifespan, better coping skills, and overall quality of life during an illness.

I have found that when those I’m helping feel a personal connection to however they perceive spirituality that they have more peace, hope, confidence, reassurance and joy. It is no surprise that some religious practices have prayer several times a day to reconnect with their spirituality.

I often assist those I’m helping to enhance or discover their own personal connection to spirituality. They are able to connect with a place that is beyond themselves and often share that they feel a deep sense of connection, reassurance, and transcendence beyond themselves. They learn how to reconnect with this energy that can assist and guide them, helping the to feel more whole and complete.

I have helped those who are in pain, depressed, stressed, anxious, facing major medical procedures, and so forth find their connection to spirituality that helped them to feel better, more hopeful, and optimistic.

Spirituality may mean the energy and vitality that runs through their body, it may mean nature, a sense of goodness, peace, love, joy, oneness, the Universe, or it can mean a God or Higher Power, or all of these. Consider exploring or deepening your connection and spirituality. Chances are it will greatly enhance or improve your health and well-being.

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