Researching OT and Holistic/Integrative Health

Researching OT and Holistic/Integrative Health

Would you like to learn about how to research OT and Holistic/Integrative Health? Join us at 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. Central Time for the June 14 Holistic OT Conversation “Researching OT and Holistic/Integrative Health.”

Join the Conversation to Learn & Discuss:
* How to get started researching your OT and Holistic/Integrative Health outcomes
* Discuss how to create a case study
* How to get started with a pilot study
* Ideas on where and how to publish
* Other resources for researching OT and Holistic/Intergrative Health
* Share your story of studying/researching OT and Holistic/Integrative Health

HOT Conversations are Free to all basic and full members who have joined the Holistic OT Community e-mail list at HolisticOT.org. The recording is available for one month from the live conversation. To listen to and have access to all of the HOT Conversation recordings become a full Holistic OT Community member. http://holisticot.org/free-membership

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