QiGong Meditation for Health and Prevention

“Energy healing is a gentle yet powerful healing approach that can easily be integrated into occupational therapy practice to enhance an individual’s life on many levels. Energy healing is being used more in hospitals, clinics, and private practice as it can help with health, wellness prevention, recovery from illness, and decrease length of stay.” Read the full article Energy Flows Where Attention Goes: An Ancient Science in Modern Times to Enhance OT Practice in ADVANCE Magazine for OT Practitioners

The “Small Universe” is a foundational QiGong meditation that will support you on many levels. QiGong means energy movement, and it comes from China. It circulates the energy in and around the body. It connects you to the Heaven (Yang) and Earth (Yin) energies. It strengthens the Conception (Ren) and Governing (Du) meridians or energy channels located on the front and back of your body; corresponding with the Chakras or main energy centers of the body. These channels connect with all of the energy channels (that can be seen on an Acupuncture map) that support all of the internal organ systems. This is a very grounding, centering, and healing meditation. Do not listen to while driving or engaging in any activity that requires your full attention.

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