Welcome to the OT Well-Being Sneak Peek

Welcome to the OT Well-Being Sneak Peek

Emmy Vadnais, OTR/L and Rhiannon Crispe, OT created the OT Well-Being Summit with 11 guest speakers. Topics are related to integrative health, wellness, and prevention in occupational therapy. This video is an excerpt of the Welcome to the OT Well-Being Summit and gives you a taste of what to expect you can learn from occupational therapy experts in this area of health care.



Achieve Your Dreams with Intuitive Development, Meditation, and Guided Imagery

Trauma Informed Practices for Occupational Therapists

Breath Work in Every Day Activities

Mindfulness: Powerful Exercises and Practical Tools For Your Everyday OT Toolbox

OT Coaching and Motivational Interviewing

Acupressure and OT: The Power of Touch to Heal

Yoga in Occupational Therapy: A Holistic System for Health and Wellness

Embracing Reiki and Energy Healing Within Our OT Sessions

Nutrition and Healthy Eating: A Universal Occupation

Embracing Diversity, Appreciating Culture, and Validating The Humanity in All of Us

Nature Can Enhance Occupation

You will receive 12 CEUs with fantastic information, self-paced online:
* 12 hours of video with bonus content
* Links to research papers that support the topics of interest
* Handouts for further learning
* Support from like-minded therapists who share their years of experience


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