Spirituality and Intuition in Occupational Therapy

Spirituality and Intuition in Occupational Therapy

Emmy Vadnais, OTR/L was interviewed about “Spirituality and Intuition in Occupational Therapy” by Mandy Chamberlain, MOTR/L on her Seniors Flourish Podcast. Listen to Podcast Here

Description from the show:

“Even though there is a large percentage of the US population that affiliates with some level of spirituality or God, our current healthcare system does not often put a priority on spirituality and intuition outside of a typical hospital chaplain. Because occupational therapy looks at the “whole person,” it is an important aspect of people’s lives that we sometimes don’t address. Some areas of OT practice integrate this more easily, such as roles in hospice and palliative care, but given the fact that spirituality affects the health, healing and well-being of our patients, it is a necessary aspect of a person’s identity as a person.

Spirituality is included in the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework, implying the necessity of addressing this in client-centered practice. Guest Emmy Vadnais OTR/L, BCTMB, ARCB discusses how we can integrate spirituality and intuition into our practice, no matter what your affiliation is (or is not).”

Free Resources from the show here.

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