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Photo of Gretchen Chappell
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Kelly Ann Clancy
Occupational Therapist, Certified Hand Therapist, Liscened Massage Practitioner, Board Certified Structural Integrator, Senior Bowenwork Instructor, Holistic Health Counselor
Work The Northwest School of Structural Therapy, Seattle, WA and Cambridge, England Cambridge, England and Seattle Work Phone: (206) 698-3187Website: www.kellyclancy.com

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As an OT practitioner of over 30 years, Kelly uses her skills as a manual therapist and ergonomist to address the postural components that can contribute to pain and dysfunction. Along with treating the structural issues that may be present, Kelly also assesses ergonomics, stress and nutritional factors and their impact on the body’s regulatory systems.  Her interest lies in what is at the core of the physical limitations her clients are experiencing as she combines hands on treatments, movement retraining, and dialoguing around cognitive belief patterns, emotions, and thoughts which may be limiting full health and well being.

Kelly is a graduate of Colorado State University’s school of Occupational Therapy and has sub-specialty training in the upper extremity and is a board certified hand therapist.  Kelly completed her Bowenwork training through the American Bowen Academy, and is currently a Senior Instructor. She is a graduate of the Institute of Structural Medicine and is a board certified Structural Integrator and Massage Therapist. She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is a Holistic Health Counselor. She is on clinical faculty with the University of Washington’s rehabilitation department.

She founded the Seattle Center for Structural Medicine, which houses multi-disciplinary holistic practitioners who practice whole bodymind strategies to rehabilitate their clients back to optimal health. She is also the founder and owner of the Northwest School of Structural Therapy where she teaches Bowen therapy and the Tensegrity Medicine™ methodology both in live courses and in an on-line format. She teaches nationally and internationally lecturing on topics related to biotensegrity, fascia, therapeutic assessment and treatment strategies with a special emphasis on concepts related to bodymind integration.


Photo of Jahara Sara Jane Conz
Occupational Therapist & Yoga TeacherLotus Heart
Home Grover Beach CA 93433 United StatesCell Phone: 413-230-0022Website: Lotus Heart

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Jahara Sara Jane is a registered and licensed occupational therapist and seasoned yoga teacher with diverse experience working with individuals across the lifespan. As a long-time dancer and yoga practitioner Jahara is devoted to forever growing in her understanding of the body and exploring deeper dimensions of what it means to be human.

Jahara received her yoga teacher certification from the karuna center for yoga, completed an anusara yoga immersion at yoga sanctuary, graduated with a master of occupational therapy degree from Bay Path University, and more recently has been studying John F Barnes myofascial release techniques.

Jahara has been teaching yoga, mindfulness, and movement art since 2006. Her speciality offerings and private lessons are inspired by the Iyengar, Anusara, Insight Meditation traditions, and her occupational therapy education. Her leadership style is heart oriented and spiritually inspiring, unifying principles of alignment with a philosophy that embodies a celebration of the heart and encompasses a vision of totality in which each person is seen as equally divine.

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Occupational Therapist
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Occupational Therapist