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Photo of Molly Allison
Occupational Therapist, Certified Hand Therapist, Structural Medicine Specialist, Professional Bowenwork Practitioner
Work Holistic Orthopedics & Wellness Occupational Therapy 911 North 145th Street Seattle WA 98133 Work Phone: (206) 604-4707Website: www.Holistic-Orthopedics.com

Biographical Info

Molly Allison has been practicing Occupational Therapy in Seattle for 24 years. About her practice, she writes, “I have always had a natural affinity for health, musculoskeletal anatomy, and wellness through a holistic approach. Drawing from both worlds of conventional western medicine and alternative approaches, I integrate them both into treatment.”

She is a member of the Arthritis Foundation Advisory Board and is eager to bring awareness of the many forms of arthritis to her patients and colleagues in Seattle and to the state and national level. She prides herself in guiding patients through their injury process and helping them to understand how their recovery may be impacted by nutrition, exercise, stress, awareness of one’s breath and overall life satisfaction. She graduated from University of Washington’s Occupational Therapy program in 1991 and returned to UW in 1999 to complete an advanced Master’s of OT with an emphasis in Upper Extremity Cumulative Trauma in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury. She went on to complete a 4 year Structural Medicine training through the Institute of Structural Medicine. This has positively impacted how she views the human structure and anatomy. She has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to live and work in Nepal and Japan, and is intrigued by diversity of all sorts, be it cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic, etc.. Much of her professional career has been at Harborview Medical Center, Seattle’s Level I Trauma Hospital, where a unique diversity thrives. She currently lectures to clinical staff at University of Washington. She is passionate about educating our community (health care providers as well as patients) about health and well being. She enjoys organic gardening, mountaineering, pottery, holistic nutrition, exploring the Pacific Northwest’s alpine wilderness and spending time with her husband and sons.

Here are her credentials:

  • MSOTR/L: Advanced Master’s of Occupational Therapy
  • CHT: Certified Hand Therapist
  • SMS: Structural Medicine Specialist
  • PBP: Professional Bowenwork Practitioner
Photo of Karla Alejandra Arredondo
OTR; Director of Holistic HealthVimBrimHolistic Health
Cell Phone: (713)401-7113Website: VimBrim

Biographical Info

Karla is the Director of Holistic Health of VimBrim. VimBrim is a StartUp company in its beta phase that aims at making health and fitness accessible and affordable for all. Focusing on the whole person, Karla is in charge of meeting clients where they are and overseeing the provision of therapeutic services. She has devoted her life to serving others and has been deeply connected to her spirituality, believing that the soul (immaterial) is as important as the body (material), and that self-kindness and nurture are essential. Karla empowers individuals to take control of their wellbeing no matter what the current condition, diagnosis, hardship, or stressors are. Aside from working at VimBrim, she also works as a Registered Occupational Therapist at Milestones Therapeutic Associates. Karla earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Houston, and recently earned her Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy at the Texas Tech University Health and Sciences Center.

While in college, Karla practiced meditation and intuitively explored other soul enriching activities like painting, exercise, reading, and traveling. She is an avid reader of health and nutrition, as well as of spirituality and human sexuality. Karla enjoys a natural approach to healthy living, focusing on wholesome nutrition and challenging herself daily with intense, varied exercise. Her professional passion lies in working with at-risk children and youth, and with the mental health population, thus her desire to be a more well-rounded professional for competence in holistic OT.

As a recent grad and new OTR, Karla wishes to grow in the field of Holistic OT, and expand her repertoire of holistic practices in order to serve clients at VimBrim in this body-mind-spirit aspect of health.