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Holistic Occupational Therapy is an emerging specialty. It integrates Mind-Body-Spirit, Prevention of Disease, and Health & Wellness Promotion in to OT Practice.

Occupational Therapy is already a holistic field, as it addresses so many aspects of an individual and their lives. Holistic OT encompasses practices that have been formerly known as Complementary/Alternative Medicine (CAM) that have now been researched with proven outcomes and are becoming more integrated in to mainstream healthcare.

This is a place for those who are interested in, practice, or would like to practice these approaches. An article was written in the Fall of 2012 that describes this shift and progression in OT practice and all of Health Care. This article received such positive reviews and acceptance that there is now a monthly Light on Holistic OT column, and a growing community of Holistic Occupational Therapists practicing, studying, and sharing Mind, Body, Spirit approaches. Want to learn more? Check out the article Holistic Occupational Therapy: Complementary and Alternative Medicine is an Expanding Practice Area in the Profession.

The HolisticOT.org website is here for you to join the community of Holistic OTs with a profile listing in the directory, learn about OTs who can serve your or your loved ones’ needs, and find out about upcoming education resources for continuing education for professional development.

We welcome you and support you on your Holistic Healing Path!

Mission Statement

HolisticOT.org provides the Occupational Therapy community a place to connect with fellow OTs about integrating Mind, Body, Spirit Medicine, Prevention, and Wellness in to OT Practice. HolisticOT.org provides resources, education, research, a Practitioner Directory, calendar of classes and events, and articles related to Holistic OT. Those seeking a Holistic OT Practitioner are able to find competent OTs who have experience and education in holistic approaches.