How Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Can Improve Your Life

Episode 2 – Emmy Vadnais, OTR/L interviews Dan Eisner, OTR/L who specializes in Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence Development, and how these skills can improve both personal and professional outcomes. He is the author of The Clinical Success Formula, a practical, evidenced based guide designed to empower the reader and the service they provide. The newly released book has already become required reading in top OT programs including Tufts and Washington University. Dan speaks regularly at universities and healthcare conferences, and has received rave reviews around the topic of How to Support Yourself While Caring for Others. He also works as a Psychiatric OT at the University of MD Medical Center, and works with private clients at Dan Eisner Consulting. Music by Steven C. Anderson: “Angel Eyes” from the album “Healing Piano”

Integrative Medicine and the Transformation of Health Care

Episode 1 –  Emmy Vadnais, OTR/L and Carisa Hillman, OTS discuss the benefits of Integrative Medicine and how it is transforming health care, and how most of us are affected by negative stress. Tips, suggestions, and research is shared on how to manage stress, induce the relaxation response to help prevent disease, and in certain cases possibly even recover from illness or disease. Music by Steven C. Anderson: “Behind the Waterfall” from the album “Healing Piano”