• Your “Logo” needs to be  225px wide x 150px tall, or similar proportions (1.5:1).
  • The image for your bio picture must be 300px wide x 225px tall.

Note: Your photo must be smaller than 2mb, or else it will get lost in the post. If you have a YouTube Video that you would like to appear on your listing, please provide the link in the “Notes” field.

Tips for creating a clear & concise directory listing:

  • Specify which address, phone number, email address, etc., is your preferred way to be contacted by selecting “Preferred” next to the Type.
  • If the address is a business address, state the business name in Address Line 1.
  • If you do not want to advertise an address, you must at least state a City, State & Country if you would like to be shown on the map.
  • Only fill out information that you want to be shown in the directory! If you don’t want potential clients calling you at home, please do not advertise your home phone number.
  • If there is any information that you feel needs clarifying, please do so in the “Notes” section. (ex: “Feel free to contact me for a consultation on my cell phone 9am-5pm Monday-Wednesday, otherwise shoot me an email at my personal email address. Or, if you’re interested in my massage services, call my business number Thursday & Friday.”)
  • Make sure to check whichever boxes you feel you qualify for under “Categories” in the right sidebar. This is how viewers will filter their searches. If you would like to check a category that doesn’t exist yet, add it to the “Notes” section and we will add it for you.


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    Maximum upload file size: 16 MB.


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