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Hiral Patel

Occupational Therapist
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After working in a healthcare related industry for 10 years since 2007, Hiral began her journey and evolution of yoga in 2012, which led her to a transformative path in many different areas of her life. She began to notice her breath, actions, mind, body, and spirit. Her continued path stems from her intense and rigorous schooling and health experience.

After graduating high school in 2003, Hiral enrolled and began a six-year pharmacy school program that fall. After experiencing the fully invested time, hard dedicated work and energy of the program curriculum, Hiral began to feel a burnout and loss of interest, being stuck while her heart and soul craved more. She was led into unhealthy habits of drinking, poor diet and choices and a diagnosis of major depression for five consistent years while being on an unmanageable antidepressant medication. Her inability to stay in good academic standing with the program resulted in her dismissal from the college in 2008.

Hiral’s desire and strong inclination to help people differently as a healthcare professional gave her the understanding that the pharmaceutical path was not meant for her. She began to quickly explore other options, with little time to waste, and came across the rehabilitating field of occupational therapy. Hiral began her undergraduate studies for two years then was accepted into the master’s program in Fall 2010. Two weeks into the program, Hiral became ill with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Undergoing eight months of intense chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Hiral learned she was in remission in June 2011. With reapplication, Hiral finished her bachelors in kinesiology and master’s in occupational therapy while engaging in her slow path of physical, emotional and mental recovery. Hiral experimented in aerobic exercises including running and training for a half marathon, P90x, and other weight training programs. However, her introduction and journey with yoga helped her the most along with these other areas being adjuncts to her wellness.

Hiral discovered EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique in July 2015 through Sonya Sophia, which laid the foundation for her emotional and mental awareness and provided her with a framework to develop an emotional resilience/intelligence to many circumstances while working as an occupational therapist the last three and half years. Her interest continued to expand into diet as well, while completing a 40-hr elective course at Yoga Yoga on Ayurvedic cooking and yoga practice Hiral gained basic knowledge on various food choices affecting her constitution and ways to bring it into balance. She then continued to pursue becoming a registered yoga teacher with a foundations in yoga therapy in March 2017 and recently received her 50-hr certification in adaptive yoga. Hiral is also a certified brain injury specialist which supports her current field of occupational therapy. After learning about her hypothyroidism symptoms in early 2017, Hiral chose to work closely with a wellness and health coach in Fall of 2017 using various emotional and liver detoxification approaches including her healing path in using hemp oil to bring her nervous, endocrine and immune systems back into homeostasis with other added benefits.

All of these holistic practices combined or in pieces have led Hiral to her purpose and call to action in helping others to manage their mental/emotional/physical bodies in a healthier way.

Hiral has been working in inpatient rehabilitation hospital settings for the past four years with focus on geriatric, stroke, orthopedic, neurological disorders, amputations, arthropathic populations, system vasculidities, and knee or hip joint replacements according to CMS 13. Her line of focus in these settings have included but are not limited to-adaptive/compensatory ADL techniques, restorative approaches with use of modalities (TENS, E-stim, cryotherapy, manual techniques) rote learning and facilitation techniques, energy conservation, work simplification, biomechanical and therapeutic activities/exercises, positioning and pain management, stress management, fall prevention, yogic/breathing and stretching exercises, DME/AE recommendations and training and so much more. Hiral loves to evaluate, assess, educate, and integrate as many of these tools and modalities she sees fit for her patients and clients.

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