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Home Austin TX 78751 USACell Phone: 505-400-3099Website: QualOT

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  • Amelia Ball, OTR is a holistic OT and creator of a mind/body/spirit wellness and preventive care based blog, QualOT.com. Amelia has been living and working at a SNF in Austin, TX after graduating from OT school at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in December, 2015. She has clinical experience working with individuals in skilled nursing facilities, inpatient rehab centers, inpatient psychiatric care, as well as shorter fieldworks in acute care, foster care, and children’s handwriting camp. Amelia became involved in the holistic OT community after experiencing the power of mind/body/spirit concepts not only in working with individual’s in mental health facilities, but with individual’s having to shift roles/routines/habits after being hospitalized for physical reasons. Amelia is passionate about preventive care and a need for a paradigm shift in the Western world focused on treating the whole person and underlying causes of an illness, injury, disease, disorder, condition, impairment, disability, activity limitation, or participation restriction rather than the current medical-model which is insurance and medication driven.
  • Amelia is inspired/ignited through continuous education and learning of health, wellness, and self-improvement concepts through books, Podcasts, workshops, conferences, CEU courses, and human connections. She received her bachelor of science in kinesiology/exercise science in 2012 and worked as a personal trainer before attending OT school. Amelia continues to believe that human movement is a large component to wellness and personally enjoys HIIT training, weight lifting, yoga, swimming, biking, boxing, rock climbing, hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and any activity that brings her outside close to nature. Amelia also has a strong belief that food is medicine and eats mostly whole, real foods with little added ingredients. Amelia has a strong sense of spirituality and a belief that every moment, experience, and relationship in this life has meaning. Amelia practices meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques to bring her closer to inner peace and connection with the present moment. Amelia loves traveling and strives to live a simple, minimalist lifestyle with less materialism and quality>quantity in every area.
  • As a new occupational therapist, Amelia is excited to work with other practitioners and bring the field closer to it’s roots as a “holistic” profession geared more toward a coaching model in which engagement in occupations are client-centered and largely include self-care, play, stress management techniques, sleep, rest, and other preventative care methods as an important aspect to overall health.
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Work Lakeside Occupational Therapy P.O. Box 105 Gordon WI 54838 Home Phone: (715) 699-4599

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Amanda Block is an occupational therapist with a passion for helping people live well and stay well.  She has 18 years of experience in pediatric, behavioral health and rehabilitation settings. She is also trained in Therapeutic Listening, Brain Gym, Reflex Integration, Pilates and Craniosacral Therapy.  Serving children and adults, Amanda utilizes an integrated approach to meet the needs of each client.  Her intention is to help clients maximize their participation in purposeful and meaningful daily living activities.

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Home 1120 Ansley Circle Apt 106 Seminole Apopka Florida 32703 United StatesWork Phone: 4076191250

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Hello. I have been an occupational therapist for 18 years with experience across the lifespan from newborns to people over 100 years old. I have utilized many different interventions with my clients, some tranditional from occupational therapy and others more holistic, such as looking at nutrition, use of Upledger Institute CranioSacral Therapy and other manual techniques, and Vestibular Therapy to help individuals with a decrease in the vestibular system or having vertigo to enhance function, decrease falls, and improve safety.

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